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Crime Tips & Prevention

Crime Tips & Prevention

At Home

•Be sure to lock all doors, even when you are home.
•Make sure you have sturdy metal or solid wood doors at all entries into your home and they are all equipped with deadbolt locks.
•Trim trees or shrubs around entryways, windows, or driveways where an intruder might hide.
•Illuminate places such as entryways, hallways, and stairwells.
•When going on vacation set timers on lights, so it appears that you are home and contact the post office to hold your mail.
•If you receive monthly checks or payments, consider using the direct deposit methods at your bank.
•Avoid confrontations with burglars.

In Your Car

•Always lock car doors and take keys when you leave your car, even if you’ll be gone “just a minute.”
•If you notice you are being followed, go to the nearest brightly lighted area and call 911.
•Don’t leave valuables in plain view in your car. •When traveling, carry only the credit cards and ATM cards you absolutely need.
•If you see a suspicious car or see a car fleeing an accident, write down the make, model, color, and LPN. Emergency Situations or Disasters

•Make sure children know their last name, Mom or Dad’s first and last names, address, and phone number.
•Make sure children know to call 911 in an emergency.
•Take a class in CPR and first aid to help with medical emergencies.
•Have a fire escape plan.
•Know an alternate route home.
•Designate a meeting place in case you are unable to get home.
•Assemble an emergency preparedness kit and include flash lights and water.
•Keep cash on hand, ATMs do not work when power is out.
Violent Situations

•Understand anger is a normal feeling.
•Violence toward others is not normal and also illegal.
•If at all possible, remove yourself from the situation if only temporarily to let the situation defuse.
•How you deal with a person can make the difference between managing a conflict and having the conflict turn violent.
•Be aware of triggers that might produce an angry reaction or escalate the situation.
•Point out that even though we see our self as out of control, we often choose to blow up or stay calm. •Remember no one has the right to be abusive or violent toward you

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